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ANNE SWEAZY-KULJU is the daughter of a History teacher and granddaughter to an Irish storyteller, so it’s small wonder her genre of choice is historical fiction. She moved her family from Southern California to Oregon’s coast at age 31, purchased a 1906 Victorian, which they turned into a B&B Inn, and crossed one off the bucket list!
Two years later, Anne suffered disabling injuries in an auto accident and had to sell the Inn. She turned to writing articles and stories–something she had no education or experience in doing.

Anne is currently the author of three historical fiction novels with a fourth in progress. Her debut novel, “the thing with feathers,” is a noir saga in historical fiction and was very well received. The Innkeeper-turned-writer’s second novel, “BODIE“, was awarded a silver medal for Original Softcover Fiction at The WILLA Literary Awards in 2014. Her latest release, “Grog Wars,” took 1st Place in the international writing competition held by, in March 2013, earned the silver medal from Literary Classics International Book Awards in 2015, and is a Finalist for Chanticleer Reviews International Book Awards’ 2016 Dante Rossetti Award–the coveted award in the “Young Adult” genre.

*The sequel, “Grog Wars, Dos” is now a finished manuscript, as of September 2016! Just for shits and giggles (actually Anne did it for the stellar critique each manuscript receives from a literary professional), Anne entered her latest into the BookLife Prize in Fiction writing competition. She received a glowing critique and an overall score of >8, which just might qualify her for the quarter-finals (fingers crossed). Anne’s current WIP is the screenplay, “Bayless”, which has already garnered interest from a few folks (including NIKE!).


Sweazy-Kulju has also won honors for short stories and awards for editorials, also have entered the annual Na-No-Wri-Mo online competition.
Fans may even come across a somewhat rare, self-published recipe book from her inn or just visit Anne on Pinterest and get some of her favorite recipes!

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Visit Anne on Pinterest