The Book Mobile

I’d like to introduce you to my homemade “bookmobile”

Young book-lover checks out author Anne Sweazy-Kulju's bookmobile
Author Anne Sweazy-Kulju's Bookmobile Wagon
Author & Book Fan Pose with Clever Bookmobile Wagon

Vista Print helped me to make it with vinyl banners they printed and, when I took it out for a spin at a Farmer’s Market this past Sunday, it was a big hit.
To attract even more attention, I also gave out copies of a cut-and-fold 3-D bookmobile to the kids. If you fancy one yourself, feel free to download a copy below.
Some of the lucky ones even got to ‘drive’ the bookmobile through the Market. They got a big kick out of the velcro-open back that exposed what was inside the bookmobile wagon–what else? My books.

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